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Am I viewed as an obstacle or an integral employee? The balancing act that is security

Millions, if not, billions of pounds are being poured into cybersecurity to best protect businesses from the detrimental attacks that seem to be making everyday news. CISOs are well within their rights to invest in the latest security defences and technology to ward of cybercriminals but this could all be undone as a result of an internal issue – human error. A staffer could in click a phishing email or an employee could forget a device outside the company perimeter. In fact, the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report revealed miscellaneous human errors were found among top causes of breaches. It just goes to show, no matter how much is invested, whether time or finances, a mistake by an employee can unravel everything.

It’s for these reasons that security professionals are always cautious, but this attentiveness is often viewed as a hinderance by other areas of the business. How can this negative perception change and what can be done so that all facets of the enterprise are pulling together in the same direction to a better security culture?


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