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Popular card shop Joker’s Stash to shut shop permanently in February

By 19 January 2021No Comments

The operators of Joker’s Stash, a popular Dark Web marketplace for cyber criminals, have recently announced that they will shut down their operation permanently next month.

The operators of Joker’s Stash, a notorious and highly reliable marketplace that lets cybercriminals purchase and sell stolen debit and credit card records on the Dark Web, announced last week that they will permanently close their operations on 15th February this year. The operators also said they will wipe off all the data and backup of the marketplace from their server.

“Joker goes on a well-deserves retirement. Joker’s Stash is closing,” read a message posted by the marketplace’s administrators on various cybercriminal forums.

“When we opened years ago, nobody knew us. Today we are one of the largest cards/dumps marketplaces. Unfortunately, or fortunately- nothing lasts forever. It’s time for us to leave forever. We will leave the Stash opened for 30 more days, until 2021-02-15, so all Stash users can spend accounts balances,” they added.

Joker's Stash operators announce permanent shutdown

Joker’s Stash started their business on the Dark web in 2014 and quickly gained popularity for providing fresh stolen credit and debit card data. The marketplace has garnered headlines a number of times since then as hackers have chosen to dump stolen credit card data and other datasets on its platform.

In late 2019, security firm Group-IB discovered that cyber criminals uploaded over 460,000 debit and credit card records on Joker’s Stash and were selling such records for between $1 and $3 apiece. The firm noted that a vast majority of these debit and credit card records were stolen or fraudulently obtained from the largest Turkish banks

On 28th October 2019, hackers uploaded two separate databases to Joker’s Stash, namely TURKEY-MIX-01 and TURKEY-MIX-02 that contained 30,000 and 60,000 debit and credit card records respectively. The hackers claimed that up to 85 to 90% of debit and credit cards whose details were stored in the database were active.

On 27th November of the same year, the hackers uploaded two more databases, namely TURKEY-MIX-03 and TURKEY-MIX-04, that contained 190,000 and 205,000 debit and credit card records respectively and up to 90% of cards were valid at the time of uploading. These payment card records were being sold on Joker’s Stash for just $1 apiece.

A year earlier, hackers stole more than 19,000 debit card records from as many as twenty-two Pakistani banks and put these records up for sale on Joker’s Stash and other Dark Web platforms. According to Pakistan’s Geo News, hackers infiltrated Bank Islami’s servers and transferred up to $2.6 million from the accounts of international payment card holders. The hackers also stole debit card details of over 8,000 account holders of nine other Pakistani banks and put them up for sale on Joker’s Stash for prices ranging from $100 to $135 each.


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