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Taking a Closer Look at Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin’s Creator

By 25 May 2021No Comments

There’s no denying the fact that Bitcoin is one of the greatest, if not the greatest invention in the modern financial industry. This cryptocurrency managed to make all regular payment methods look obsolete. Not only that, but thanks to its user-orientated approach, this cryptocurrency is well-accepted by the public and even though many governments deem it as an outlaw currency, they are still using it.  

One of the most commonly talked-about subjects in the Bitcoin world concerns its creator – Satoshi Nakamoto. Many mysteries are surrounding this individual which is why we wanted to take a close look into this person and lay out everything that we know. Let’s check out the details.  

How Satoshi Revolutionized The Financial Industry  

Satoshi created Bitcoin in 2008. Shortly after, he sold the first Bitcoins to a cypherpunk that goes by the name Hal Finney. During its inception years, Bitcoin was mostly used on the black market. But, this cryptocurrency had many advantages, which is why the interest in it increased vastly with each passing year.  

In 2017, Bitcoin shocked the world as its value reached an all-time high of over $19,000. Even though it plunged shortly after that, the world was finally convinced that Bitcoin is the real deal and that they can make a lot of money with it. That is why thousands of new people started registering to the network and invested in Bitcoin.  

With the rise of reputable trading sites such as Bitcoin Equalizer, the trading process became far easier and the chances of success increased. As this Bitcoin Equalizer review will tell you, the platform utilizes advanced AI systems that can analyze the market and predict Bitcoin’s future fluctuations.  

And if that is not enough, Bitcoin is superior when used as a payment method. It provides its users with far greater security since it gives them a certain level of online anonymity. All online transactions made with it are instant, and since banks are excluded from the process, users do not have to pay unnecessary fees. All general fees that are applied for some transactions are also much lower.  

All of these advantages made Bitcoin the best currency on the market and thus, Satoshi managed to revolutionize the financial industry. But, who is Satoshi?  

Do We Know His Identity?  

You may be familiar with this fact, but Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real name. That is a pseudonym that Bitcoin’s creator uses. At the moment, nobody knows the real identity of this person. To make things even more interesting, it is unknown whether Satoshi is male or female, we don’t know his/her age, nor nationality.  

Because we live in an era where having a private life is almost impossible, it is quite fascinating that Satoshi has managed to remain a mystery for around 13 years.  

There Have Been Many Rumours  

There have been many rumours as to who might Satoshi be. At first, it was suspected that he is a 37-year old male in Japan, but that proved to be false. Next, three people have been placed as the top candidates – Dorian Nakamoto, Craig Wright, and Nick Szabo. But, neither of these people confirmed the information. Some reports that the NSA and CIA unmasked Satoshi’s identity is also circulating, but these two authorities haven’t had a statement concerning that topic.  

How Many Bitcoins Does Satoshi Own? 

Since we do not know Satoshi’s real identity, it is impossible to determine how many Bitcoins this individual possesses. But, some reports state that he owns many Bitcoins that equal to around $40 billion. If that is the case, then Satoshi would be among the richest people on the planet.  

As for his identity, it is highly unlikely that we’ll ever know who he is. 


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