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London ranks 8th in list of best cities for a cyber security career

By 6 August 2021No Comments

Cybersafety advisory firm TechShielder has placed London in eighth place in its list of the top ten global cities that support a cyber security career in terms of average salaries and cost of living.

If you’re a skilled cyber security professional and are looking for a good city to live in and boost your career opportunities, there are many cities in the world that will suit your aspirations better than London will.

TechShielder, a firm that provides easy-to-understand information about technology and cybersafety, released its list of the top ten cities in the world for a cyber security career. Unsurprisingly, Washington, D.C. ranked number one, considering the capital city serves as the headquarters of government agencies that employ many cybersecurity professionals.

Aside from the U.S. capital, cities like Singapore, Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels, Ottawa, and Vienna ranked ahead of London in TechShielder’s list. While London offers a competitive average cyber security salary of £74,416, it trails Washington D.C., Luxembourg, Brussels, and Tokyo in this category.

Tokyo, in fact, offers an impressive average salary of £84,915, more than what Washington D.C. offers, and its cost of living is also not too high, but finished last in the list because it scored poorly in terms of job availability. Singapore scored a perfect 10 in job availability score, London scored 5.3 and Tokyo scored a paltry 1.14, indicating you’ll really struggle to land a job there if you’re a cyber security professional.

TechShield’s List of Best Cities for a Cyber Security Career

You should also take into consideration the fact that even if you land a high-paying job in London, your cost of living will be higher compared to other major cities such as Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels, Washington D.C., and Vienna. However, there’s a better chance of finding a job in London than in Berlin, Brussels, or Vienna.

“If you are looking to relocate for a job, it’s important to take in many factors such as the cost of living and your expected salary, as all of these play a role in how suitable the role is for you,” says Lasse Walstad, cofounder at Techshielder.

“The idea of starting your life in a new city might be intimidating, but you may find that with the right job, moving can also be life-changing. The cities we mentioned aren’t the only places, however, they do represent the best opportunities that await cybersecurity professionals.”

This is not the first time that London has trailed other European capitals in terms of offering a fulfilling cyber security career. In 2018, Willis Towers Watson found that the average base salary for a mid-level cyber security worker in Germany was £56,485, compared to just £48,020 in the UK. Mid-level cyber security workers in France and the Netherlands earned £51,197 and £48,996 respectively on average.

Ireland was also found to pay cyber security workers well with workers earning £55,485 on average. These figures well calculated by Willis Towers Watson after comparing remuneration data of over 1,800 cyber security workers from across Europe who participated in the survey.

The survey also found that cyber security workers who have been working in the UK for three to six years enjoy salary increases of 7% to 8%, which suggests that building experience and demonstrating stability can prove to be remunerative in the long run.


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